“Friendship is like a big glittering disco ball made up of countless squares stuck together.
Some shine, some are obscured yet all are part of a big circle.

Some have to shine when others are in darkness, to keep the light alive in all of them.”
These are some of the people who believed in me, helped me and continue to inspire me everyday.

My Universals

Bianca Dumitrascu
Typography Enchantress
Maxim Serbu
Web Developer
Elisa Florea
Word Sorceress
Sanda Olga
Communication Consultant
Corina Olaru
Dark lady of Photography
Csaba Orbán (Abasc)
Hipster Instagrammer
Bogdan Catargiu
Photo Bloke Extraordinaire
Georgia Klebleev
Hyperactive Communicator
Andrada Botezatu
Visionary producer
Stefan Hogia
Graffiti philosopher
Radu Latis
Andreea Nitoi
Brand Consultant