Thinking is not a perfect and straight forward process. My mind looks more like an atlas than a logbook. A mental map scribbled with lyrics, snapshots and pages of the past and present.
A map with bits and pieces yet undiscovered, where life lessons are learned every step of the way.
Take the journey inside our mind.

Who is the man behind Jonathan's Mind?
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Who is Jonathan? The alter ego of a generation between generations. Sounds a little pompous right?! Like I was some kind of new wave influencer, meant to come here and educate the masses. To teach…

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Shallow Waters
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I admire people who keep their inner light shining in the hardest of storms, fueled only by one simple thought: After every storm the sun always appears. But the ones which I  truly adore have…

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A Walk
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The following story I have never related to anyone. Not fully anyway … epiphanies rarely can be completely understood. You have to experience them in order to grasp their inner most workings. You can witness…

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