‘If you want to live a memorable life, you have to be the kind of person that remembers to remember.’

Joshua Foer

My insides are my own, reckless, sentimental or too revealing at one time, while at other times too cautious, calculated and hidden.
I can never show them completely yet I can make you hear them through the same sounds that make me rekindle their fire every time I feel their sweet embrace.

These are their road maps for their journeys.
These are the Atlas Playlists.

Jonathan's Bi Polar Atlas

The main character and one half of a whole

Vlad's Bi Polar Atlas

The creator and one half of a whole

Michael's Interstate Playlist

The friend  who believed

Natalie's Lullaby Atlas

The architect of dreams

Amber's Dreamscape Atlas

The long lost friend

Tia's Fantasy Atlas

The feline

Matei's Journalistic Atlas

The skeptic

Lulu's Undertone Atlas

The cyan & blue friend

Valerie's Graffiti Atlas

The D’N’B sprite

Georgia's Peculiar Atlas

The skeptic

Alexandra's Aperture Atlas

The cyan & blue friend

Codin's Renegade Atlas

The Renegade